Get Ready for Charity Registration

With over 650 charities aware they will be called forward to register over the next 5 months. What do they need to be doing to prepare for charity registration?

Its more the unknown unknown, you could have been on all the training offered by the Commission but still not realise that your governing documents is not charitable in law, or that some of your activities will be questioned by the Commission. It really amount to how you have written your charity application and what other material there is out there on the internet for example which may decide your activities in a way not really consistent with that of a charity. For example the outward bound charity which offers packages for stag and hen nights, or offers accommodation for holiday stays. These could be charitable if they also involved some outward bound activities but possibly certainly one from the Commission looking at their website is going to have grave doubts. They could be considered small scale trade by HMRC and so not taxable if they didn’t made up a substantial amount of the organisation’s entire activities but then again the balance of this would need to be explained to the Charity Commission.

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